Welcome to PleftDroid!

Plan your Private or Business Appointments from your AndroidTM Mobile, in few Steps! It's Easy!

PleftDroid is the App for the Pleft service , which helps you plan your Appointments online.

Now you can do this directly from your mobile, taking advantage of the e-mail addresses you already have in your phone contacts!
Here is how:


Start using PleftDroid

Preferences The first time you start the App, you will be presented with the Preferences screen.
Just enter the server address, your Name and your e-mail, and you are ready to start.

Plan an Appointment:
Plan the appointment
From the main screen press Menu and then tap on "Plan new Appointment".
Key in a description, choose invitees from your contacts with an e-mail, choose the dates and times.
When you are ready, tap on "Send invitations" to create the appointment on the Server.

Verify your e-mail:
Share Link
Before to send invitations, Pleft needs to verify your e-mail for security reasons.
Open your e-mail app, you should have received a Verification message from Pleft.
Pressing the link will open a dialog to choose the app to open it with: choose PleftDroid.
Gmail users have the extra option to share the link with PleftDroid
from the e-mail verification message, although it is a bit more complicated.
(to share the link you need to long press the link, then choose the "share link" in dialog, then choose PleftDroid).
Once you verify your e-mail Pleft will send the Invitations.

Vote the dates:
Vote Dates
And now, just vote the dates and have a look how the other participants voted, to find the right date!
  • tap on thumb up, thumb down, question mark to vote
  • you can add a comment by tapping on the comment icon
  • pressing the menu button, you can propose a new date, invite another participant, re-send an invitation
  • as you or the other participants vote, the coloured bar will change accordingly
  • touching the participants names will show how they have voted
  • when all the bar segments are green the date can be added to your calendar by long tapping on the date
Your changes will be saved either by pressing the back button or pressing the Menu button and then tapping on "Done".

If you are the Invitee

1 - Open the link from the invitation e-mail with PleftDroid

2 - Vote the dates